A Harper's Tale

A Trial of Errors

Back to Waterdeep

Fort Helm

The group was arrested and spent several weeks awaiting trial. By the time they were brought before the castellan, the accusing priest had fled the keep. A further complication for the castellan was the appearance of Elminster demanding the release of the group.

Once freed, the group was teleported back to Blackstaff Academy in Waterdeep and assigned rooms.


Harrowdale Town

Having taken opportunity of their downtime to learn some new spells at the academy, Han was enjoying his stay. Then he was summoned by Khelben Blackstaff and briefed on their next mission.

A marauding hill giant pirate with a crew of goblins was harassing ships in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Moonstars had arranged for the party to teleport to Harrowdale where a galleon awaited them.

A Trial of Errors

Tracking the Giant

As the crew scoured the sea, they passed a fleet of thirty warships with markings of Zhentil Keep. It took over a week to finally find the ship propelled by goblin oarsmen. As they approached, Han had the crew use the flame projector to set the giant’s ship ablaze as the giant hurled goblins into the sails of the galleon.

A Trial of Errors

When the ship returned to Harrowdale, they found the port under siege by the Zhentarim war fleet. Han used the sending stone to request support from Blackstaff. The galleon’s flame projector set off an explosion of the Zhentrim flagship and mages arrived ashore to hurl fireballs at the other ships. A dozen were sunk in the harbor and the re4st limped away.

A Trial of Errors

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