Princess Celestia

Child Sorcerer from Sembia


Only nine years old, Celestia is already showing her innate magical talents. She has yet to fully master when and how to use her spell abilities.

DEX 14
CON 12
INT 14
WIS 13
CHA 17

Her cantrips are:

Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Ghost Sound

Her 1st level spells are:

Endure Elements
Silent Image
Unseen Servant

Her languages are Elven, Common, Draconic and Chondathan

Her skills are Bluff, Craft (Alchemy), Knowledge (Arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device

She has a hawk familiar. Her 1st level Feat is Magical Aptitude. She also gained the class skill Knowledge (Nobility), the sorcerer power of Eschew Materials and the Half-Elven feat of Skill Focus (Use Magic Device).


She is the daughter of Andeth Ilchammar, Hulorn of Selgaunt and Lady Yvette Ilchammar, an Elven Noble. Seeing her natural talent for magic he arranged to send her with a caravan to Blackstaff Academy in Waterdeep to be trained as a wizard. unfortunately, the caravan was attacked and she was captured along with a merchant and his wife by hobgoblins from the Caves of Chaos near Proskur. A Harper agent in Proskur heard the news of the attack at the Bridge of Fallen Men and sent word to Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun. He dispatched a small group of Moonstars to recover the girl and bring her to Waterdeep.

Princess Celestia

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