Malaer Warsong

Elven Bard Harper Agent from the Dalelands


7th Elven Bard
HP 34

DEX 16
CON 10
INT 15
WIS 10
CHA 16

Weapon Finesse
Combat Expertise
Weapon Focus Rapier
Brew Potion

Spells known-
6-0 Dancing lights, detect magic, know direction, light, mending, message
6-1 Alarm, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, feather fall, identify, sleep
5-2 Alter self, animal messenger, invisibility, locate object, tongues
3-3 Daylight, tiny hut, scrying

5-1 Alarm, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, feather fall, sleep
4-2 Alter self, invisibility, locate object, tongues
2-3 Daylight, tiny hut

Magic Items-
Handy haversack
Potion of daylight (60 ft radius of bright light)
Potion of tongues
Potion of comprehend languages
2 potions of invisibility
2 potions of sleep (10 ft radius up to 4 HD worth of creatures)
3 potions of cure light wounds

Significant Mundane Items-
Longsword (worn)
Masterwork rapier in scabbard (in haversack)
Explorer’s outfit (worn)
Purse of 12 gp, 12 sp and 12 cp (worn)
Lyre (in haversack)
Silver scrying mirror (in haversack)
Bundle of 12 11 sunrods (in haversack)
Bedroll (in haversack)
Bag of 78 gp, 48 sp and 48 cp (in haversack)
5 days trail rations (in haversack)
Waterskin (in haversack)
Bottle of good wine (in haversack)


Malaer Warsong

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