A Harper's Tale

A Trial of Errors
Back to Waterdeep

Fort Helm

The group was arrested and spent several weeks awaiting trial. By the time they were brought before the castellan, the accusing priest had fled the keep. A further complication for the castellan was the appearance of Elminster demanding the release of the group.

Once freed, the group was teleported back to Blackstaff Academy in Waterdeep and assigned rooms.

The Tale of Princess Celestia
A Sinister Plot Revealed


The Moonstars are one of the most recent and most covert secret societies to appear in Faerûn in decades. Born in the tumult of a fall-out between several senior Harpers, the members of the Moonstars now operate independently of the former group, though they share many of the same goals. Led by the iconoclastic Chosen of Mystra, former Master Harper, ex-Lord of Waterdeep, and incredibly powerful and knowledgeable mage, Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and his consort, the Mage Lady of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand, the Moonstars have spent the last few years establishing their own intelligence network, including agents, spies, informants, adventurers, and a system of portals to allow them fast access to any part of Faerûn.

Malaer Warsong

Our story begins in Waterdeep and focuses on a small batch of new recruits to the Moonstars. initially they will accompany their mentor in the field, a charismatic elven bard from the Dalelands. In time they will work with other agents of the Harper’s organization, perhaps even meeting Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun.

Malaer arrives from the Dalelands with a Halfling ranger named Elphi to meet his contact at the Grey Griffon Tavern in Waterdeep’s Dock Ward. His contact is a Magus named Balthor Flameblade, who has brought his Sylph apprentice Han as well as some urgent news. An important Sembian noble’s daughter has been abducted on the High Road while on her way to Waterdeep from Sembia. The Harper’s suspect that the Zhentarim may have had a hand in matters. The region is under Cormyr’s control and is likely to cause tensions between Cormyr and Sembia if not resolved quickly.


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